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Even though the view is a chat, the pleasure is all ours, livehelp...

Number One
You subscribe for a server
Number One
Operators chat with clients
Number One
A 26% of extrat sales

You can see your web site visitors : The Livehelp Chat Software will monitor all functions...

Livehelp Chat has a higher direct response rate at 26% than telemarketing at 10.4%

Live Help Pro is a leading provider of Live chat service management solutions that enable website professionals to manage their site infrastructures and Iservices with greater ease and efficiency. Our aim is to simplify the Real Time Communications that the professionals face with intuitive, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that combine uncompromising performance with ease-of-use. Available in various languages, our Livehelp Software solutions are used by organizations spanning all industries, sizes and Governments

Live Chat Live Help has a 100% web-based version which supports a broad range of web browsers on different operating systems, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on. Live Help has a windows Desktop application. Basic setup includes simple online registration and placing of the chat button code or link on your website pages.

After completion of trial form, you will receive detailed information on the Product Activation in a separate e-mail, which will contain a attached Subscription Info. We automatically send you a few lines of HTML by email. Copy the HTML from the email, add it to your web site, and you’re done! You have control over how and where Live Help button appears on your site because the HTML code is placed on your web page.

Live Help Professional hosted application, will help to ensure that you make the most of your investment in Live Help Caht-helping you achieve what you need from software and getting you up and running as soon as possible.

There are hundreds of IT help desk, service desk, IT service management and IT asset management products out there, and it can be difficult for customers to choose between them.

Here are a handful of the reasons why customers choose Livehelp Pro Software

Manager Dashboard Admin Portal Reports
View real-time graphs of your help desk's
activities and performance and generate
built-in report
Give administrators an overview of the state of
affairs in the Livehelp Service Desk and an
asset inventory overview.
Generate detailed reports on your help desk
activity, service quality, assets, tasks and
Ticket Management IT Benchmark ANALYTICS
Automate your help process from beginning to
resolution and keeps track of user’s
Compare data of your IT performance with
previous periods and other IT departments
worldwide to evaluate performance.
View detailed reports with analytics that are
clear and useful information, and customize
reports to pinpoint your Marketing data.
Customization Monitoring Remote Control
Customize Livehelp’s button to meet any need
or requirement, integrate with third-party
Monitor the vital parameters of your team network,
system processes, and many more.
Livehelp’s native remote control capabilities
allow administrators to offer remote assistance

The livehelp Professional Services Team takes a personal approach to consultation and implementation working with you to identify your specific business needs, tailor the solution to suit those needs, and execute the necessary plan from start to finish.

Inrernacional Executive Team

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